Eddie Murphy

Eddie Murphy dominated the comedy scene in the 1980s. He was the ultimate stand up comedian, the ultimate SNL star, and one of the most sought after movie stars.

However, following the last decade, he’s been seemingly indifferent with his choices. In the 90s, he made questionable choices.

Once, Police stopped Eddie Murphy’s car while he was travelling with a transgender prostitute. Remember, his acts were so homophobic, that drew the ire of the LGBT community.

Being caught with a transgendered person made him look like a hypocrite. And there was also the “Ew” factor, which was much stronger some decades ago.

Those days, being identified as g*y would basically destroy your career. Aside from the transgender gaffe, Murphy is said to have a horrible reputation in Hollywood for being difficult.

People did not want to work with him for that attitude.

Why did Eddie Murphy stop making movies?

Speaking on the issue, Eddie Murphy, 59, who can currently be seen in “Coming 2 America” — the highly anticipated sequel to his beloved 1988 comedy, “Coming to America” — said he intentionally stopped making movies in 2011 after a string of flops that were so critically panned they earned him Golden Raspberry Awards (also known as Razzies), which honour the worst in cinema each year.

In a bid to avoid more flops or more Razzies, he just decided to stop acting altogether.

Nonetheless, a lot of his fans yearn for his comeback on screens.

Source: unitedshowbiz.com.gh

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