What does ‘FLKS’ mean on TikTok? Viral slang explained

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What does ‘FLKS’ mean? You may be wondering how to start using TikTok’s trending slang.

In this article, we’ll cover the basics of ‘FLKS’ and help you understand the meaning behind the term.

If you’re new to the platform, we’ll also talk about the TikTok CEO, a term that means ‘best at something.’

‘FLKS’ stands for ‘Flag’ and is used by users to flag their videos. It’s also a slang term for ‘Abow’.

The word originates from Arabic and Turkish and is sometimes used in Sweden to mean ‘wow’. It’s similar to ‘omg’ and is often used as a way to hype someone up.

‘ASL’ stands for age, s*x, location, and quality. ‘FLKS’ can also refer to ‘bussin’. The meaning of ‘FLKS’ depends on the context, but in most cases, ‘FLKS’ means ‘as hell.’

Some TikTok users also refer to the phrase as an abbreviation for ‘as hell’. In slang terms on TikTok, ‘bussin’ refers to quality, while ‘valid’ is another shortened version of ‘as hell’.

What Does ‘FLKS’ Mean on TikTok?

FLKS stands for ‘follow’ in TikTok. ‘FLKS’ is a tag that shows a user’s video has a high number of fans.

When a user has a high number of followers, they’ll be seen as a popular and influential user.

‘Sizing Up’ is another trend on TikTok. Sizing up refers to making a judgment about something.

TikTok Trends What does FLKS mean on the video sharing platform

In the TikTok context,’ sizing up’ means a guy checking out a girl’s thighs.

It’s a very common video posting method on the video-sharing platform. However, it is important to know that ‘Sizing Up’ can have a s****l meaning, too.

‘FLKS’ can be an acronym that stands for ‘Flashlight’. You can add ‘FLKS’ to your title to identify your audience’s interests. ‘FLKS’ can be a way to promote your YouTube videos.

A ‘Teaser’ video is basically a preview of your next video. ‘Teaser’ videos contain a link to your YouTube channel, so you can get more views on YouTube.

FLKS is Facebook’s video language. The video platform counts views at three seconds.

For publishers, that means they must convince users to stay on the platform and watch the rest of the video.

A video must have compelling content to attract attention without sound. If it’s too long, viewers will move on to the next video. But it’s not as easy as that!