What happened to Calum Von Moger in his recent accident? Injury and health update of the Australian actor and bodybuilder revealed

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Recently, three-time Mr Universe winner Calum Von Moger suffered serious injuries when he fell through a second-storey window.

According to Nick Trigilli, the bodybuilder was “under the influence of drugs” when the incident happened.

However, the video doesn’t reveal exactly what caused the accident. Von’s friends have questioned whether he was intoxicated at the time of the fall.

After the fall, Von Moger’s family forced him to leave the house. After a year-long custody battle, the teen was released from his parent’s custody.

His parents had accused him of trashing the house, but he later told them that he was merely trying to escape.

He was jumping out of a second-story window and sustained a spinal injury. It was so severe that he is unable to walk, but his fans have been supporting him.

What happened to Calum Von Moger in the accident? The accident caused severe injuries to Calum Von Moger’s spinal cord.

He is now unable to walk and is currently sedated. But this injury shouldn’t prevent him from fulfilling his dreams.

In fact, it may even help Calum Von Moger become the next Arnold.

The bodybuilding world is going through a rough patch, and it seems that this is the time to congratulate him.

You can do it by sharing the story with friends and family.

After a recent accident, the Australian bodybuilder moved back to his home.

His family reported a disturbance, property damage, and even a robbery.

This was reported by Nick Trigili, an insider of the bodybuilding world. His report has credible sources, so you can trust the news he shares.

If you are wondering what happened to Calum Von Moger in his recent accident, you can read about it below.

The actor and bodybuilder are best known for playing a young Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 2018 movie Bigger.

Calum Von Moger

Before moving into bodybuilding full-time, Moger tried a variety of occupations, including lifesaving, landscaping, and even skippering a yacht.

However, despite his fame, the actor also got caught in a drug-related incident. Police found him in possession of methamphetamine, m*******a, and testosterone.

A strange social media post just days before his accident went viral.

The accident occurred on February 21, when he crashed his car into a police vehicle.

After the crash, he chased the driver and chased them with a machete. He was later charged with drug possession and criminal affray.

He was subsequently kicked out of his home.

The most tragic aspect of the accident, however, was the death of his English bull terrier, Rex. Moger explains the incident in a YouTube video.

The actor had recently returned home to Australia after spending several years in California.

The incident led to the death of his rescue dragon lizard Baz.

Baz was about four years old and tended to live up to a decade, according to Nick Trigilli.

Despite the devastating accident, he announced the birth of his son Kairos. But the mother of Kairos has yet to contact him.