What happened to Jimmy Lin and his son? Taiwanese actor involved in an accident with Tesla Car

After founding the Jimmy Lin Rally Team, in 2005, and hosting the Jimmy Cup celebrity rally event the following year, the singer shifted his focus to singing and began working on his first album, “Going for a Walk.

“He also began singing theme songs for movies and television shows.

In 2006, he organized his first live performance in Shanghai in 14 years and invited his family to attend his second live performance.

A Tesla Inc. Model X car driven by a Taiwanese celebrity, Jimmy Lin crashed into a pole in the city of Taoyuan in Taiwan on Friday after suddenly deviating from the road, injuring the actor and his son.

The boy and father were rescued by construction workers.

The video of the incident shows the vehicle in flames five minutes after the two were freed.

Both the father and son were rushed to Linkou Chang Gung Memorial Hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

The entire front of the electric car was ruined and badly burnt, and footage of the accident that was circulating circulated online showed.

According to local media reports, police suspect driver Jimmy Lin Chih-Ying was at fault, although that is still being investigated.

Also, Lin was not drinking at the time of the crash.

Local police preliminarily determined that Lin was not drunk at the time of the crash.

Although the investigation is ongoing, it is unclear what caused the accident.

Reports say that a white Tesla crashed into a pier in Taoyuan City.

As the car caught fire, bystanders rushed to help Jimmy Lin and his son.

Blood covered the driver’s face, and his son appeared to be in shock.

However, the incident has been reported as an accident, which requires medical attention.

Tesla Car Accident that had Jimmy Lin and son on board

The two have not been named by police, so no charges have yet been filed.

After the accident, the singer and his son were taken to hospital.

Lin, who had been serving in the military, was able to return to his performing career.

He is currently undergoing a pre-operative assessment in the hospital.

While he is undergoing surgery, he did not disclose what his condition is.

The actor was also married to Kelly Chen, who has three children.

It is unclear why they had to leave their career after the accident.

Originally from Hua Gang, Jimmy Lin was a stage actor and was studying drama.

His on-stage performances made him popular.

He declined an offer to enter the entertainment industry at first, but eventually signed a record deal and released his debut album.

This led to his son’s first single, “Summer Love,” which was released in 1992.

As a result, he was able to get more attention than ever before.

Jimmy and his son were both huge fans of NBA basketball player Jeremy Lin.

They wore the same number, 17, as Jeremy Lin.

The two bonded while watching basketball on television.

Jimmy had a deep passion for cars, which led to an intense interest in racing.

He loved to go to car races with his son in the front seat.

The two were also fond of car-related activities.

The family was a close-knit unit.

Despite the tragedy, Lin continued to build his career.

He founded the IT company Inwellcom, Tech, co. in 2000.

It is renowned for providing high-tech surveillance equipment and banking systems.

Lin is a prominent businessman and also owns a car dealership named Roadstar.

He also established a clothing company called JR, selling sportswear and sunglasses.

Jimmy Lin’s son, Michael Lin, reportedly has a successful career in the entertainment industry.

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