What happened to the legs of Gerry Bertier: How did the legendary American football player die?

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On March 20, 1981, Gerry Bertier was involved in a horrific car accident that left him paralyzed.

On his way home from a business trip, he crossed the centre line and collided with another car.

He died two hours later in the University of Virginia’s hospital.

The driver of the other car was drunk at the time and has since been charged with manslaughter.

Gerry Bertier’s life

For those of you who did not know, Gerry Bertier was a high school football player and Paralympian who played on the Virginia State Champion team in 1971.

You might have heard of him because of the Disney movie Remember the Titans, but did not know his life and death?

Bertier was a nephew of Howie Livingston, a legendary American football player. Read this article to learn more about Bertier’s life and legacy.

His career

Although he was in a wheelchair after being involved in a car accident, Gerry was still an active athlete. He competed in wheelchair basketball at the Sir Walter Miler race in Raleigh and wheelchair track events at the Boston Marathon.

After his career ended, he continued coaching other wheelchair athletes. But on March 20, 1981, Gerry died from pneumonia. He was 27 years old.

His parents had been friends for many years and they remained close.

His legacy

Gerry Bertier was an extremely talented athlete and had been a part of the Olympics as a child.

As a young man, he competed in wheelchair basketball leagues and Wheelchair Track and Field events.

He went on to compete in the US Paralympics, setting multiple national and state records in his chosen sports.

He also won a gold medal in shot put during the Wheelchair Olympics.

In addition to his amazing athletic abilities, Gerry’s legacy includes many other achievements.

His relationship with Michael J. Fox

The movie tells the story of Gerry and Julius, two all-American football players. Although they come from different races,

Gerry and Julius become sworn brothers and become the focal point of team unity. Despite racial prejudice, they manage to overcome their differences and become successful teams.

However, Gerry’s journey to the Paralympics is far from over. After a devastating automobile accident, Gerry and his teammate become the focus of national attention and media.

His death

In honour of the athlete who died in a car accident in 2011, the Gerry Bertier Foundation#42 was established to honour the life and legacy of the American football star.

Born in Alexandria City, Virginia, Gerry Bertier grew up with his sister, Becky Britt. When Gerry was just eight years old, his parents divorced. His mother later remarried Robert Agnew.

The foundation raises money for spinal cord injury research, and the name of the foundation is a tribute to Bertier.