What is the net worth of Jill Rhodes? How rich is Sean Hannity’s ex-wife

Jill Rhodes is known as the ex-wife of Fox News Sean Hannity. She is also a journalist and an author.

Jill Rhodes was born on August 27, 1962, in Alabama, United States of America.

The is no information on her early life aside from the fact that she is an alumna of the University of Alabama, where she graduated with a degree in journalism.

Jill Rhodes currently works as a journalist and a writer.

She started her career after her university education as a political writer at Huntsville Times.

Along the line, Jill Rhodes started working as a radio host at WVNN where Sean Hannity also worked at the time.

The former couple bonded very well at the radio station and began to work together on stories for their respective shows.

Sean Hannity had said in interviews that he fell in love with Jill Rhodes from the first time they met at the radio station but hesitated in expressing his feelings for unknown reasons.

He said he just enjoyed the company of Jill Rhodes at the time and did not want to complicate things for any of them.

Sean Hannity once invited Jill Rhodes to co-host his show and did not hesitate to express his love for her though he was not direct with his words.

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In 1992, the duo met again at Huntsville mayoral event after Sean Hannity had left the radio station for a while.

Shortly after their meeting, they started dating and in 1993, about a year after they started dating, Sean Hannity got married to Jill Rhodes.

The couple decided to move to New York after their marriage and it was here that Jill Rhodes gave birth to their first child and son, Patrick in 1999.

In 2002, Jill Rhodes gave birth to their daughter, Merri Kelly, who is also their last child.

In 2019, Jill Rhodes filed for divorce after allegations of sexual harassment were made against her husband and other Fox News employees.

The couple finalized their divorce in 2020 but currently work together on Sean Hannity’s TV show on Fox Television.

Jill Rhodes and Sean Hannity’s Net Worth

Jill Rhodes’ net worth sits at $5 million. Her husband makes significantly more than this. It is reported that he is valued at $90 million; this, of course, comes from a yearly income of $36 million.

Jill Rhodes as working as an author and journalist in both the print, radio and television media space is estimated to be worth $5 million.