What is the price of a Chamillionaire’s Diamond Chain?

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The famous piece of jewellery purchased by Chamillionaire is made from diamonds and is cut into a chameleon’s head.

Chamillionaire’s diamond necklace is worth $120,000, according to Chamillitary Entertainment, the company that created it.

The rapper is actually named Hakeem Seriki, and he was born in Houston.

He is a hip-hop legend, known for his flashy lifestyle.

The entrepreneur and musician have made his name in hip-hop and have also opened his own studio.

His chain is estimated to cost 1.5 million dollars.

Chamillionaire’s car is a Dodge Durango SRT AWD with leather seats, heated rear seats, and a Premium Sound System.

It also has advanced safety features like Lane departure warning Plus, Full-Speed Forward Collision Warning Plus, and Advanced Brake Assist.

A hip-hop artist, Chamillionaire was born in Houston on November 29, 1979.

His parents were both Christians and were religious, so secular music was not allowed in his household.

When he was a teenager, his parents separated and he moved to a poor neighbourhood in Houston.

Chamillionaire’s chain

There, he found inspiration in local rappers, like 8-Ball & MJG, Public Enemy, and NWA.

His first major break came when he met his first girlfriend.

The two of them were attracted to each other and soon, Chamillionaire was recording hip hop music.