Carlos Ghosn

Carlos Ghosn, a Lebanese Businessman was arrested for fraud and money laundering in Japan.

In an effort to escape the country, Carlos Ghosn fled by disguising himself in a large musical box.

The French-born businessman, who is of Lebanese descent, was helped by two men from the United States, Michael Taylor and Peter Taylor.

Both men are currently detained in Japan pending trial.

In order to extradite a citizen, countries must issue a red notice to the foreign country.

Interpol, an organization that fosters international cooperation among police departments, has issued a red notice for Ghosn.

However, Lebanon is not obliged to extradite Carlos Ghosn.

Membership in Interpol is voluntary, and there will be no legal ramifications for Lebanon if it doesn’t extradite Carlos Ghosn.

In case you missed Carlos Ghosn’s escape, here is an update on the situation.

The former CEO of Nissan and Renault has been in prison since the end of March.

He escaped in a concert-gear box from a Japanese jail in late 2019.

Ghosn has been working on a mini-series based on his story, and he has granted extensive access to the filmmakers.

After being arrested in Japan, Carlos Ghosn fled to Lebanon with his wife, Carole.

While Carlos Ghosn was being held in a small cell, he was allowed to leave his home only for a few minutes a day, and the police deemed his safety and security a high priority.

Carlos Ghosn

He spent eight-hour interrogations there and was denied a bed.

The Japanese government brought charges against Ghosn to prevent him from merging with Renault.

Where Is Carlos Ghosn Now?

In February 2021, Taylor was extradited from the U.S.and spent nine months in solitary confinement in Japan.

While he was in jail, he had no means to pay his lawyer.

His family was not able to contact him since he was transferred to prison.

The Lebanese businessman was arrested in November 2018.

He is currently accused of underreporting compensation and breach of trust.

Nissan Motor Company paid him $6 million salary in 2016 while he was the chairman.

But a court said that it was not justified.

Ghosn has said that he will appeal the ruling.

He says he is entitled to his money.

If he is not able to pay the compensation, he will go to France to clear his name.

Nissan’s legal team in Japan says Ghosn’s recent flight to Lebanon was surprising.

Junichiro Hironaka says his team still holds Ghosn’s passports.

Junichiro Hironaka’s team had not heard from him since Christmas.

Carlos Ghosn

They met on Christmas day and discussed trial strategy.

Junichiro Hironaka has been in Tokyo since November 2018 and expects Ghosn to show up in the capital city when he goes to court next year.

There have been many questions about the case and where Ghosn is today.

The Lebanese Businessman was once the CEO of Nissan.

He was the man behind the Nissan-Renault merger and was able to bring the two companies back to life.

He has also written several books on his experiences.

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