Jordy Bahl

If you are interested in finding out more about Softball Pitcher Jordy’s parents, you’ve come to the right place.

The Bahls have four children and their only listed hobby is raising four children.

Their efforts have helped their daughter Jordy Bahl to develop a personality beyond softball.

After losing the state championship in 2018, Jordy Bahl struggled emotionally.

However, his parents did not let that stop them from making a difference in his life.

They were active in sports like football and hockey and encouraged their daughter to do the same.

Jordy Bahl attended Papillion-La Vista Senior High School in Papillion, Nebraska.

There, she helped lead her team to three consecutive Class A state titles.

She was named to the All-State workforce three times in four years and was ranked in the top 100 of the SA’s Top 100 recruiting rankings.

Jordy Bahl’s parents, Emily and Dave, are Omaha residents. Their three children are a senior and a freshman.

His father, David, was a successful baseball coach and an NFL quarterback.

They both had the ability to develop a killer mindset, which was the perfect combination for Bahl.

Jordy Bahl

Bahl also has matching forearm tattoos. The Bahls are the proud parents of a top-ranked Softball Pitcher.

His parents are an extremely supportive couple. Bahl paced his circle from the left side of the circle to the right before each pitch.

He loaded up on a 1-2 count before pitching.

When his team needed to win in the bottom frame, they had a chance to win the game. Emily and Dave Bahl are proud parents of incredible young athletes.

The Bahls’ three children all played sports. They were raised in Omaha, Nebraska. Her dad played football at Doane College.

Her three brothers all played baseball, including Hayden, who was a standout pitcher at the University of Nebraska-Omaha.

Ultimately, their children have become the next stars on the softball mound.

In addition to being a star softball player, Bahl was also a highly regarded athlete in high school.

She won back-to-back Gatorade Player of the Year awards and will go on to win the 2020 and 21 National Gatorade awards.

In addition to that, she posted back-to-back 0.15 earned run averages in her junior and senior seasons.

Additionally, she struck out 615 batters and hit 42 home runs during her high school career.

Her parents’ culture was important for her decision and helped her achieve great success.

After joining the team, Bahl earned respect from the coaches. In February, she pitched two scoreless innings against UC Santa Barbara.

In a game against No. 3 UCLA in March, she struck out ten batters in a row.

Bahl’s impressive record against ranked teams has earned her national recognition.

Jordy Bahl

Bahl’s 0.95 ERA ranks fifth nationally and is the second-best pitcher on her team behind Hope Trautwein’s 0.31 ERA.

In fact, she has already earned herself a spot on the USA Softball College Player of the Year List.

Dave and Emily are softball pitchers Jordy Bahl’s parents.

They are Nebraska natives. Their daughter graduated from high school in 2013, and she has a long list of softball accomplishments.

She pitched a 27-0 game with a 0.10 ERA, led her secondary school to a state championship, and won a Nationwide Gatorade Softball Participant of the Year award.

In the summer of 2021, the Oklahoma pitcher played travel ball for the Nebraska Gold.

This team won the PGF National Championship.

Emily and Dave Bahl have two children. Emily and Dave Bahl have a history of softball and soccer.

The Bahls has been very involved in their daughters’ lives, but Bahl’s parents are very supportive.

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