Erika Dates and Chris Webber

The former NBA star, Chris Webber and his lovely wife, Erika Dates after a long wait welcomed their first children, a set of twins in 2017.

The couple who got married in 2009 waited for eight (8) long years of trying different childbirth procedures which proved futile and as fate would have it, was blessed with a set of a beautiful girl and a boy.

Chris Webber took to Instagram in 2017 to announce the great news to the world as a first-time dad.

Chris Webber who could not hide his excitement at the time captioned a post containing a picture of the twins saying ‘‘So thankful. After many years of trying and more than a few heartbreaks, we were blessed with these little ones. Thank you. @mrserikawebber.

The twins are named, Mayce Christopher Webber (for the boy) and Elle Marie Webber (for the girl).

Aside from the twins having an NBA star as a father, the mother, Erika Dates is a social worker who has served her country over the years and is doing incredibly well for herself.

The forty-eight years mother is estimated to be worth $1.5 million aside from the accumulated net worth of her husband, Chris Webber pegged at $85 million.


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