Peter Wright
Peter Wright

Peter is an internationally acclaimed professional darts player who plays in the Professional Darts Cooperation Championship.

Though Peter Wright, 51, has lived all his life in Mendham, Suffolk, England, the dart professional was born in Livingstone, UK.

Before his dart fame, Peter wright worked as a tyre fitter. He rose to fame when he beat Stompe 3-1 in the Dart World Championship for the first time 11 years ago.  

Who does Peter Wright’s head?

Peter Wright owes his famed hairstyle to his wife. Joanne Wright is a hairdresser who has her own business in Lowestoft, Suffolk, named Medusa Hair. She usually spends up to two hours styling her husband’s hair before he goes on stage.

Has peter wright tattooed his hair?

Yes, the professional darts player, Peter Wright has a tattoo on his head. He combines his signature snake imprint on his head with the popular mohawk multi-coloured face paint.

Peter Wright

How long does it take to do Peter Wright’s hair?

According to his wife Joanne Wright who owns a salon in Suffolk, it takes her 2 hours to style the hair of her husband, peter wright before he takes to the stage.


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