Who has the most children in the World? A History of Record-breaking Births

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If raising one child is demanding, imagine the experience for a woman who gave birth 27 times, popping out 69 children in all. At first glance, it seems impossible, but take a read, you might change your mind.

Mrs Feodor Vassilyev

The Russian woman, the wife of Feodor Vassilyev, probably holds the highest record of births for women.

If you have been wondering, how 27 births could translate into 69 children, let me explain.

According to the local monastery report to the Russian government, 1725 to 1765, Mrs Vassilyev gave birth to 16 pairs of twins, 7 sets of triplets, and 4 sets of quadruplets.

Genghis Khan

For men, the highest record holder is Genghis Khan. We have always thought of Genghis Khan as a powerful Mongolian Emperor-warrior. Least did we know, he fought some of his battles in the bedroom, and as he does on the battlefields, he conquered the bed too.

According to a dailymail.co.uk report, it is possible that the emperor fathered more than 1000 children in his lifetime. This means many men and women today can trace their lineage to him.

He is followed by Ismail Ibn Sharif, a Moroccan sultan, who fathered 888 children.  

Source: unitedshowbiz.com.gh