Adrien Bocquet

According to one of his recent interviews, Adrien Bocquet has stated that the Ukrainian army tortured his team members. But he didn’t provide any factual verification to back up his claims.

This was very shocking to him. French Liberation, a non-profit organization, decided to fact-check his stories. The result is the following:

As a soldier, Adrien Bocquet was severely injured during a military exercise. The injury left him paralyzed for over two years.

Adrien Bocquet

During this time, doctors prescribed large doses of morphine to help him cope with the pain.

In 2021, three neurostimulators were implanted in his spinal cord. After the implantation of these devices, Bocquet began to walk again.

While Adrien Bocquet has visited Ukraine five times between April 4 and 20 of this year, he rarely visited the country.

During his visit, he travelled to Ukraine in a different cars with different registrations.

Most of the time, he spent just one day in the country. Although he had a busy schedule, he has yet to build up the necessary trust of the Ukrainian military.

In April of this year, he made an unexpected visit to the Sheptytsky Hospital in Ukraine.

He handed over a humanitarian cargo to a security guard before leaving.

It was not clear whether he actually interrogated the patients or not, but this hasn’t prevented him from making a visit to the hospital.

The Ukrainian government and security officials have not yet confirmed or denied his visit.

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