Who Is Angeli Rose Gomez from the Texas school shooting? What we know so far

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 It all started after she was handcuffed outside of Robb Elementary School and was attempting to jump over the wall.

The cops and US marshals were trying to arrest her for interfering with an active investigation.

However, after being recognized by the cops, she was uncuffed and went out with her two young children.

The shooting at Robb Elementary School has brought harsh criticism to Uvalde Police.

Some parents even urged the police to storm the school. Many parents drove forty miles to the school when they heard about the attack.

They saw the frantic police arresting their child. Angeli Rose Gomez says she was not the only one who witnessed the shooting.

Despite the fact that her daughter was shot and killed, she witnessed the cops tease the parents as they waited for the shooting suspect to be apprehended.

The mother of two students at Robb Elementary School was handcuffed and pleaded with the police to storm the building to stop the 18-year-old shooter.

The two children were not hurt, but Angeli Rose Gomez was handcuffed and placed in handcuffs by federal marshalls.

The US marshalls detained her for interfering with an active investigation.

She was later released after pleading for her children and convincing local cops to secure her release.