Who is Baaulp? Real Name and Face and details about the famous Twitch streamer revealed

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You’ve probably heard of Baaulp, but have you ever wondered who he really is? Baaulp is a famous Twitch streamer who makes fun of himself while playing video games.

He hails from Boston, Massachusetts, and is of Asian ethnicity. He has been making media for a decade and has over 31K subscribers.

In addition to making funny content, he plays a variety of games and enjoys streaming.

Elajjaz’s Instagram account contains a photo of his family. Elajjaz’s grandmother recently turned 100 years old.

Elajjaz also tweeted a photo of his grandmother, who is now living in a nursing home.

She’s also a member of a rock band and wants a long vacation with her family.

The real name of this popular Twitch streamer is Timothy John Betar. He lives in the USA, where he enjoys playing games.

His wife frequently joins his streams, and he has an army of followers that call themselves the #tatmanarmy.

Fans of Tim often pay $5 to subscribe to his channel. His favourite games include Counter-Strike 1.6 and World of Warcraft.

Despite his fame, Wayne stumbled into streaming accidentally. After his fallout 4 VR stream went semi-viral on Discord, viewers asked him where he streamed.

He eventually began semi-regularly streaming on Twitch in 2017.

Tyler was born in Missouri and started playing video games when he was eight years old. He plays League of Legends, a game notorious for split-second strategy.

During his stream, Tyler becomes one of the most annoying entertainers in the game, often killing himself in order to boost the enemy. Eventually, his behaviour led him to be banned from Twitch as a “genuine jerk”.

He now makes $5 million per year streaming video games, but he doesn’t have a financial adviser, and his subscribers get to remove the ads and get access to in-chat status symbols.

Fans also get to emblazon their messages on his streams, which he keeps in a big tool shed.

Lirik is a popular Twitch partner and streamer. He has over 2 million followers on Twitch and tens of thousands of viewers at any given time.

Lirik rarely shows his face while streaming, but his voice makes him recognizable. His cat logo is a prominent part of his social media presence.

He has been taking a break from streaming since early this year.