Who is Christian Laettner’s wife Lisa Thibault? Interesting facts about the longtime wife of former NBA player

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Lisa Thibault is the longtime wife of former NBA player Christian Laettner.

She is originally from Mound, Minnesota and holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Minnesota Twin Cities.

Christian and Lisa have three children together: a daughter and a son.

In addition, Lisa has a Master’s degree in business administration from the University of Oregon. Read on to learn more about Lisa and Christian Laettner.

Lisa Thibault

Christian Laettner is married to Lisa Thibault, a professional nonprofit organization manager.

The couple married in 1996. They have three children, including a son.

Thibault attended the University of Minnesota and Laettner attended the University of North Dakota. ‘The couple was born in Jersey City, NJ. They are now living in Florida.

They met at the University of North Dakota.

The net worth of Lisa Thibault is not yet publicized. Her ex-husband is a professional basketball player, with an estimated net worth of $10 million.

While Laettner does not talk about his personal life, he is active in various charities and basketball coaching camps.

Lisa Thibault is still enjoying the life of a mother and a wife and is not actively engaged in the entertainment industry.

Lisa Thibault’s age

The age of Christian Laettner’s wife Lisa Thibault has never been publicly disclosed, but we can assume that she is in her 40s at this point.

Her husband has a net worth of $10 million.

Lisa lives a very superficial life, barely appearing on any social media site. She has three children by Laettner, the oldest of whom graduated from high school.

Christian Laettner was born on 17 August 1969, in Angola, New York. His parents are George and Bonnie Laettner. Christian has two sisters and a brother.

Christian was a star basketball player, scoring more than 2,000 points in his high school years.

His wife Lisa Thibault is twenty-two years younger than Christian. The couple married in 1996.

Lisa Thibault’s nationality

If you’re curious about the nationality of Christian Laettner’s wife Lisa Thibeault, you’ve come to the right place. Lisa Thibault was married to Christian Donald Laettner, who is French.

The couple has three children, with the elder one already graduating from high school.

Lisa Thibault has never commented on her career, but she’s very active on social media. You can find her connected with her Instagram account at @lisa8ner.

Lisa Thibault was born in Mound, Minnesota. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Minnesota Twin Cities. Her children are named Lisa, Christian, and Ben.

Lisa was born to Christian and his first wife, Norma. Christian and Lisa divorced in 2002. Their divorce was secretive, though.

Lisa was born in Minnesota, and the couple has not shared when they separated.

Christian Laettner’s net worth

The net worth of Christian Laettner is a highly coveted question in the world of professional basketball.

This athlete has many sources of income and has managed to earn more than $300 million.

TheRichest analysts examined his net worth and income to determine his estimated worth.

According to TheRichest, Christian Laettner has multiple sources of income, including acting, modelling, and music.

Christian Laettner is a former NBA player who played college basketball at Duke University. He is a two-time NBA champion and three-time NBA all-star.

He won numerous awards, including the 1997 Naismith College Player of the Year and the Sporting News Player of the Year.

In addition, he was named a member of the 1992 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament Dream Team, earning him a spot in the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame and a FIBA Hall of Fame.