Constantine Yankoglu and wife

Constantine Yankoglu is an American Caucasian born in Kentucky on February 2, 1954, and is currently 67 years old. Constantine Yankoglu is an actor and might have appeared in films but no information is available to prove that.

Constantine Yankoglu is popular and well-known as a celebrity ex-husband as a result of his marriage to Patricia Heaton in 1984 which only lasted for three years and hit the rocks in 1987.

The duo cited unreconciled differences as the cause of their divorce.

The duo is believed to have met in high school and that is where their love story began until they finally got married after so many years in 1984.

Constantine Yankoglu slowly faded out of the limelight and fame after his marriage with actress Patricia Heaton collapsed in 1987 and has remained single since then.

Constantine Yankoglu makes a living from living a luxurious lifestyle and acting and is worth $100, 000 as compared to his ex-wife who is worth about $40 million as an actress and comedienne.


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