Who Is David Icke’s Ex-Wife Pamela Icke? Everything you need to know about the Egyptian peacekeeper and TV Character

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David Vaughan Icke, is an English conspiracy theorist, former footballer and sports broadcaster. Since the mid-1990s, David Vaughan Icke has self-published over 20 books and spoken in over 25 countries.

According to David Vaughan  Icke, the universe is made up of “vibrational” energy and limitless dimensions that share the same space.

Who Is David Icke’s Ex-Wife Pamela Icke?

Pamela Icke, David Icke’s ex-wife, is an Egyptian peacekeeper who also appears on television. Pamela Icke is a 60-year-old and she is celebrated for her dubious relationship with her ex.

Pamela Icke married David Icke in 2001, following the divorce of his first wife. However, they came to an agreement in 2011 to end their marriage.

It was the explanation behind his first marriage disappointment in 2001 following 30 years of wedded life. His first spouse was Linda Atherton. They shared 3 youngsters together.

Discussing her relations, she had a child named Gareth Icke before their marriage. David Icke chose to get married of marriage following his separation in 2001.

Source: unitedshowbiz.com.gh