Who is Eduardo Vaseca’s wife, Jayne Rager? And what happened to her after her husband was kidnapped?

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Jayne Valseca was born September 5, 1966, in Silver Spring, Maryland. She attended the University of Maryland and then turned to act after graduation.

After living in New York and Los Angeles for several years, she landed small roles in various soap operas and commercials.

In 1992, she met Eduardo in a supermarket parking lot in Maryland. The two soon began dating and eventually married.

After the kidnapping, Jayne Valseca’s life was turned upside down. She had a loving husband and two beautiful daughters.

She had a quiet, peaceful life until Eduardo Valseca was abducted.

The kidnappers demanded $8 million from her, but her husband was unable to pay the ransom. Her efforts to get him home were documented in NBC News’ documentary ‘Dateline: The Ranch’.

The story of Valseca’s kidnapping is one of the most interesting in recent history.

She and her husband were married in 2003 and had three children.

The couple later moved to Maryland after Eduardo Valseca’s kidnappers abducted him. They later married and had two daughters.

However, the couple separated. Luckily, the two were reunited, and the couple has remained together since his kidnapping.

After the kidnapping, Jayne wrote a book about it. This book was later made into a Lifetime movie starring Teri Polo and Esai Moralis.

In addition to the Lifetime movie, NBC will air Jayne’s story. The actress played her role in the original book. The story will also be told on Dateline NBC.

After Eduardo was freed from prison, Jayne agreed to go back to her ranch in Mexico and film portions of the report. This was her first time visiting the ranch since the kidnapping.

The couple hired armed guards to ensure her safety. They spent time together with family and friends.

The couple was in remission from stage four inflammatory breast cancer but was informed two weeks after Eduardo returned home that her cancer had returned.

In the years following the kidnapping, Jayne Rager Valseca made the decision to negotiate with the kidnappers via the classified section of a local newspaper. Initially, the kidnappers asked for $8 million, and she assumed they thought her family would be richer than hers.

She also requested that Eduardo prepare banana pancakes for breakfast every day so that they could share the meal together.

During this time, they became close friends with each other and have even published several articles about the incident.

Despite the tragic circumstances, the couple’s relationship continues to be a source of pride for the entire family.

She has even appeared on ABC’s Dateline and on NBC’s Today Present, as well as in numerous other TV programs.

Jayne’s children have moved to Maryland, Washington, and are pursuing their dreams. Marriage is one of the most public displays of love and commitment in the world, and it’s well-deserved!