Who is Edward Owen? Meet the Lovely Boyfriend of Camille Vasquez

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The boyfriend of the high-flying model Camille Vasquez is Edward Owen.

The two met last November when Edward was visiting Camille in London.

Since the trial started, they have been meeting and have discussed going on dates.

Edward Owen is a senior director at WeWork and oversees real estate in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

He and Camille Vasquez met again in London in November. They plan to visit each other in the UK when the trial ends.

While we’ve been waiting for the new romantic news from the pair, the rumours about Camille and Edward Owen have been spreading.

The two have been spotted in public together and have been linked to one another.

Camille Vasquez and Edward Owen in London. Source: splashnews.com

They’ve been seen exchanging warm glances and hugs in court.

But according to TMZ, the two are just friends.

Although Camille Vasquez has refused to comment on the rumour about her boyfriend, it’s not hard to make a guess about his background.

The actor has a background in real estate and has attended many high-profile events and business awards in his life.

He’s also a member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.

The couple hasn’t responded to rumours about their relationship, although Camille Vasquez has been out to meet fans in Miami.

Despite the rumours, Camille Vasquez appeared at a trial, waved at fans, and posed for photos outside the courthouse.

The couple’s relationship has become a hot topic in Hollywood, but Camille is keeping mum on their romance.

However, a source close to the couple confirmed their romance. The couple had met in an upscale gastropub last November. A fan snapped a photo of them holding hands and smiling widely.

The two appeared to be enjoying their newfound stardom. A close friend of Camille Vasquez told the Daily Mail that the couple have not ruled out marriage.

While Camille Vasquez is the rumoured boyfriend of the model, Depp’s rumoured relationship with the actress is a different story.

Camille Vasquez, who is a native Spanish speaker, is a lawyer who has joined Depp’s legal team in the defamation lawsuit against Heard.

She and Depp have become friends during the defamation case. Vasquez’s parents are Colombian and they live in a $1 million Buena Park home.

She is a well-known celebrity lawyer who is close to Depp.

The celebrity lawyer is praised by fans on Twitter, who made “I heart Camille” t-shirts and made TikTok videos featuring the actor and actress.

Camille Vasquez is a Spanish-speaking attorney who works with Brown Rudnick, who represents Depp in his defamation case.

They’ve also become good friends, as Camille Vasquez became one of the star’s attorneys during the lengthy trial.