Who is Eliza Fletcher?

Eliza Fletcher was an English autobiographer and early travel writer. She is best known for her book The Travels of a Lady, which details her experiences travelling the world. She was born on July 10, 1818 in London. She died in 1895. Her date of birth is also listed on her gravestone.

The date of birth of Eliza Fletcher is not known. However, the year of her birth is significant because she has been married for almost two decades. She married Archibald Fletcher, who was forty-five years her junior. Together, they had six children. Eliza Fletcher’s zodiac sign is a Capricorn.

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Eliza Fletcher’s family is very rich and affluent. Her late grandfather founded a hardware company called Orgill Inc., which has a fortune of over $1 billion. Her family’s company has grown into a large organization and the Fletchers are now the owners. Despite her family’s wealth, Fletcher chose a career in teaching. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Exercise and Sports Science at Baylor University. Later, she earned a Masters in Education from Belmont University.

Police are doing their best to find her. They are checking local police stations regularly. Those close to “Eliza Fletcher” have been overcome with grief. They have started a campaign to find her.