Who is Elle Brooke? Everything about the OnlyFans, TikTok star and Football Twitter Queen

Elle Brooke has not revealed much about her personal life, but there are a few things you need to know.

She is British and falls under the White ethnicity.

Her nationality and religion are both British.

She is a Capricorn, which means she follows Christianity.

Elle Brooke is also very educated.

She attended a private high school and might have obtained a degree at an elite University in her hometown.

What is Elle Brooke’s Instagram account like?

In early 2019, Elle Brooke posted that she had more than 37,000 followers on Instagram.

However, her original Instagram handle doesn’t appear in search results.

Her new account, @thedumbledong, shows nearly 60,000 followers.

In the past, Elle Brooke was active under the handle @ellebrookeuk but now her posts don’t appear in her followers’ feeds.

Who is Elle Brooke?

Elle Brooke is a British national who was born in South Yorkshire.

Her parents are not known to have disclosed their names.

Elle Brook’s ethnicity is White Caucasian.

Elle Brook’s height and body measurements are quite curvy.

She possesses a perfect body shape.

Elle Brooke is currently based in Surrey, England.

The only information she has revealed about her personal life is that she has one younger brother named Jack.

While Elle Brooke has a great following on social media, she earned fame in the AV industry in the early 2020s.

Elle has more than 12,000 subscribers on YouTube and a huge following on TikTok.

Her newest project is a collaboration with Jonny Sins on the comedy SAY IT OR SHOT IT.

It’s unclear how Elle Brooke’s Instagram account has benefited her financially, but her popularity is undoubtedly increasing.

Despite her limited boxing experience, she has gained many fans through TikTok.

She has also stepped into the boxing ring.

In July, she fought Andrea-Jane Bunker, a popular Love Island 2021 star.

Elle Brooke

She won the bout by a decision, but she was not happy with the decision and was aiming for a knockout.

She subsequently delivered a vulgar speech.

A recent interview with world boxing champion Ebanie Bridges revealed Elle Brooke’s training with the former world bantamweight champion.

The IBF bantamweight champion praised Brooke for her dedication to her training.

The pair shared a photo after their last training session.

While it isn’t yet clear whether they sparred, Elle has shared her training gym with Bridges.

The talented singer has made a name for herself by gaining followers on TikTok.

Her videos have been viewed more than 800 million times.

She has collaborated with many brands in the US and is gaining a huge following.

In May 2019, Elle Brooke received the Person of Interest Award from Variety Magazine.

Whether you are a fan or not, there is no better place to say hi to the OnlyFans star!

What’s more, the OnlyFans star is a big football fan.

She supports Manchester City and Chelsea FC, but her favourite player is Sheffield United’s striker Oli McBurnie.

There’s even a football chant named after her.

Elle Brooke

Fans of Sheffield United have started singing “Oli’s shagging Elle Brooke” after her tweets.

She’s still in shock that people have made a chant about her!

What’s Elle Brooke’s net worth?

As of 2022, her net worth is not known. 

Despite her young age, she’s a popular YouTuber, a TikTok star, and an Instagram celebrity.

She is five feet six inches tall and weighs 57 kg.

Brooke has a slim body, which has been credited to her training under Mark Tibbs.

Mark Tibbs’s previous fights with Caneo Alvarez helped Brooke win the title.

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