Mayan Lopez

George Edward Lopez is an actor and comedian from the United States. He is most known for starring in his ABC sitcom, which he produces himself.

George Lopez was born on April 23, 1961, in Mission Hills, Los Angeles, California. George Lopez is of Mexican Mestizo ancestry.

George Lopez’s parents abandoned at a very tender so he was raised by his maternal grandmother, Benita Gutierrez, a factory worker, and step-grandfather, Refugio Gutierrez, a construction worker

George Lopez’s stand-up comedy explores racial and cultural issues, as well as Mexican American culture.

George Lopez has garnered numerous awards for his work and contributions to the Latino community.

Who Is George Lopez’s Daughter Mayan Lopez?

Mayan Lopez is the daughter of comedian,  George Lopez, and Ann Serrano, the writer of the Season Two episode “A Kiss is Just a Kiss.”

Who did Mayan Lopez play on George Lopez?

Mayan Lopez is a gifted writer, actor, and stand-up comedian whose unique humour keeps the comedy world new.

Mayan Lopez played the daughter of George Lopez and Ann Serrano, in the George Lopez series.


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