Guy Fieri and Lori Fieri

Lori Fieri was born in 1973.

The wife of celebrity chef, Guy Fieri has been very secretive about her childhood and family background before and after she became famous.

Lori Fieri met her husband in her early twenties in San Diego when she was embarking on a cross country trip and decided to stop over in San Diego shortly.

This meeting of the two would have just been described as a mere occurrence but the duo met again in 1993 when Lori Fieri’s friend which she was visiting in Long Beach, California was fired from her job and asked not to step her feet in the restaurant again by the owner of the restaurant where Guy Fieri was a manager.

Lori Fieri decided to speak up for her friend on how she was being treated and Lori Fieri insisted they had a right to be there whenever they wanted to.

Guy Fieri seeing how the issue was escalating decided to step in and calm everyone involved down.

Guy Fieri asked Lori Fieri out after the incident and they started dating.

Guy Fieri and Lori Fieri’s relationship story

Two years after they started dating in 1995, the duo got married.

Guy Fieri and Lori Fieri have been married for twenty-six years and have two sons together and live in Santa Rosa in California.        

The couple has a winery in Sonoma County in the USA and their books have made it to the list of best sellers on many occasions.

Guy Fieri with the support of his wife has also been named an NYT bestselling author.

Lori Fieri is also popular for being a staunch LGBT rights supporter and activist.

She has also been spotted officiating a same-s*x wedding ceremony. Lori Fieri is also known to be a lover of big and colourful hats.

Lori Fieri Net Worth

Lori Fieri’s net worth is tied to that of her husband as they have a joint account and are worth whatever they have together.

The couple is worth $25 million as what they have accumulated for authoring numerous cookbooks and running numerous restaurants and other businesses.  

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