Known for his moto vlogging videos, Hickok45’s second wife had a mental breakdown and the YouTuber’s first wife had a mental breakdown.

We also learn about his son, John Kinman, who helped his father create videos.

Hickok45’s second wife has not been publicly disclosed, but his son is a YouTuber in his own right.

Hickok45’s wife is a moto vlogger

The YouTube channel Hickok45 is home to videos about firearms and hunting. Greg Kinman, a native of Kentucky, started the channel under the handle Hickok45 in 2010.

The videos he creates are mostly about firearms. His wife, a moto vlogger named Sarah, is also a moto vlogger.

The couple has one son, John Kinman, who helps him create videos.

Hickok45’s second wife had a mental breakdown

The NRA has had to deal with recent controversies involving its president, Hickok45. He has recently filmed his second wife’s mental breakdown, which includes a seizure.

He has also forced her to shave her head to gain views.

His s!x videos often involve taking teenage girls across state lines for s*x, which is against the law in many states. He has denied the allegations.

Hickok45’s real name is Greg Kinman

Hickok45 is a YouTube personality and former middle-school English teacher who makes around $7 million a year from his videos. He has no personal details, but he is an avid collector of guns and a self-described gun fanatic.

Interestingly, Hickok45 is a father to a son, John, who also loves to play with firearms. The two are close and often work together to produce videos.

Hickok45’s YouTube channel was shut down

The creator of the gun-related Youtube channel Hickok45 was forced to close his channel after a few hours.

The reason was unclear, but YouTube changed its policies and prohibited content selling guns and related accessories.

To avoid the problem, Hickok45 decided to change his channel to Full30.

However, he was not able to recover his subscribers’ subscriptions. He was banned from his YouTube channel for violating its terms.

Hickok45’s videos have been watched by 2.2 million people

The YouTube channel Hickok45 is an internet sensation with over five million subscribers and 1.5 billion views.

The gunman started making videos in 2007 and quickly made a name for himself by carving a pumpkin with a Glock.

The video went viral and was even shown on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. While most people posted cat videos, Hickok45’s first shooting video featured a pumpkin.

This video was so popular that his channel was banned twice in 2016, but was re-instated quickly.

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