Jamie Brown Aldinga

In the news, it has been reported that former Adelaide Bikie Jamie Brown Aldinga has been arrested and charged with stealing a $2.2 million Lotto jackpot.

Although Aldinga’s gang affiliations are not known, he has made numerous changes on social media.

It has been reported that Aldinga has also bashed Rebels members. However, the real question is, “Who is Jamie Brown Aldinga?”

Police allege that the bikie has a history of stealing and damaging property. They have also accused him of being a “fixed part” of the Mongols Motorcycle Club.

Although Brown is not a member of this club, his lawyer says that the charges are based on rumours and he is a hitched father.

The media has taken notice of Brown’s arrest because of his past gang activities.

The raid occurred on the Aldinga property, which a local council accuses of being illegally constructed.

But Brown says he is simply building a house for his family and friends.

Who Is Jamie Brown Aldinga Adelaide Bikie Arrested After A Home Raid
Jamie Brown Aldinga

It’s a bizarre case, but it’s true that the property has become a talking point for the town.

The property has been branded “BF” by locals as “bikie fortress”, but the bikie himself says it stands for “Brown Family”.

Despite the controversy, police have confirmed that the property is under surveillance.

On Monday, crime gang detectives paid a visit.

The arrests in the case were not isolated incidents.

In fact, they are linked to several other bikies. They are now a major part of the city’s crime scene and will continue to cause havoc.

The police are also claiming that Brown’s arrest is a “sophisticated attempt” to steal home.

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