Who is Jamie Campbell Bower dating? What is known about his relationship with Ruby Quilter, Matilda Lowther, and Bonnie Wright

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We’ve all wondered who Jamie Campbell Bower is married to. In this article, we’ll examine the dating history of this Scottish singer-songwriter.

This includes his relationships with Ruby Quilter, Matilda Lowther, and Bonnie Wright.

These women are all known to be a part of his personal life, but how did they meet? Find out in the rest of this article!

Jamie Campbell Bower’s relationship with Bonnie Wright

The relationship between Jamie Campbell Bower and Bonnie Wright is a h*t topic in Hollywood right now. The actress was born in England and attended Bedales School.

His father works for the Gibson Guitar Corporation and his mother is a music manager. He is also a musician.

Bonnie Wright is his former flame. Jamie Campbell Bower and Bonnie Wright’s relationship dates back to 2010.

After spending two years together on the Harry Potter set, Bonnie and Jamie Campbell Bower announced their relationship on May 8, 2010.

The pair broke up in June 2012 and split in June 2012.

Then, in March 2015, the actress dated actress Lily Collins. They also appeared together in the 2013 movie “Harry Potter: Return of the King”.

Jamie Campbell Bower’s relationship with Matilda Lowther

Last year, Jamie Campbell Bower and Matilda Lowther started dating again. Earlier in 2014, the two were spotted at the Maid’s Gala Night in London.

Although they broke up in November, the two recently reunited. Jamie wore an all-black ensemble, including lace-up boots and jeans.

The model was also seen wearing a scarf and a jumper.

Although the relationship is rumoured to be over, the two were photographed together several times.

Jamie was seen with Matilda on several occasions, including at a Burberry Prorsum fashion show in September 2014.

Another rumoured relationship between the two involved Lily Collins, daughter of the British singer Phil Collins.

Lily and Jamie appeared together often in London, and they were also spotted impersonating Victoria and David Beckham in a West End musical.

Jamie Campbell Bower’s relationship with Ruby Quilter

After dating Zoe Graham for two years, Jamie Campbell Bower began dating Ruby Quilter in December 2018.

The couple has shared several photos together since their romance began, and the pair have been spotted out in public several times.

In May, Jamie liked some of Ruby’s Instagram pictures and tagged her in a Snapchat video.

However, the couple never confirmed their relationship status. As far as their relationship goes, they are still amicable.

Before getting famous, Jamie Campbell Bower dated tattoo artist Ruby Quilter. They first got together at a tattoo art exhibition in London, where the two sported matching tattoo designs.

However, the two soon became very enamoured with each other and started dating in 2007.

The relationship lasted for almost two years, and they ended up breaking up in early 2009.