Who is Janette Beverley? All you need to know about the ex-wife of the now-bankrupt Michael Le Vell

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Janette Beverley was a Coronation Street actress who played Elaine Pollard, Curly Watts’s short-term lover, from April to July 1984.

During the same year, she rose to prominence on television thanks to a major role in the comedy series Sharon and Elsie, in which she co-starred with Brigit Forsyth. Summer Season, Coasting, and Children’s Ward have all featured Janette Beverley.

Janette Beverley was born in the town of Oldham in the year 1966.

Janette Beverley Wikipedia

Wikipedia does not have a page for Janette Beverley.

However, her ex-husband  Michael Le Vell has a page on Wikipedia where Janette Beverley‘s name appeared has his ex-wife.

Janette Beverley Daugter

Janette Beverley has a daughter wither ex-husband, Michael Le Vell. Their daughter’s name is Amelia Turner and  26 years old.

Janette Beverly Son

Janette Bervely doesn’t have a son. However his ex-husband, Michael Le Vell has a son called,  Finlay Turner.

Source: unitedshowbiz.com.gh