Jennie Platt

Jennie Platt is a 44-year-old British woman who owns the Jennie Platt Estates & Lettings Group. The company specializes in high-end real estate in Seattle.

Jennie Platt began her career in marketing in London and has returned home to focus on real estate development.

Jennie Platt’s firm has been around for 10 years and is gaining momentum. Platt is known for her property styling and redevelopment projects.

Her friend revealed that the trip to Florence was supposed to be a health break for Bibey, as she had been experiencing mental health issues for six months.

Jennie Platt hoped to get back on track after the assault, which left her in a wheelchair for weeks.

Jennie Platt and Ricky Bibey’s relationship

Jennie Platt and Ricky Bibey were partners in the past and worked together. However, their relationship broke down after she fell into a pool of blood in their hotel room in Florence, Italy, on Saturday.

During routine cleaning duties, hotel staff discovered the couple.

Police are investigating what happened, but the couple has not revealed much about their personal lives.

Ricky Bibey was an ex-rugby player from Lancashire.

Jennie Platt and Ricky Bibey were staying at the Hotel Continentale in Florence.

The alleged attack left the injured woman with three fractured ribs and a broken back.

The injured woman, who is now 44, required three operations and was unable to return to her job.

Her partner Ricky Bibey, a former rugby player, died of a heart attack.

Jennie Platt and Ricky Bibey

Bibey, who was six foot three inches and weighed 17 stones, reportedly attacked Jennie. The two had been together for three years. Jennie was left in a wheelchair after the attack.

She was a mother of two and had lived with Bibey for three years. She is now allowed to return home, but she still needs a medical flight to return home.

Jennie’s family are from the northwest. Her father was a rugby league player who played prop for Wakefield Trinity Wildcats.

He was also a three-time England representative.

However, his career ended in 2012 due to an Achilles problem.

Jennie Platt’s lover was a famous rugby player who played the second row in the English rugby league. When the two were found together in Florence, Bibey’s body was found next to a woman.

Jennie Platt and Ricky Bibey were said to be in a relationship, but the two did not make love.

They were travelling together to Florence, and both were travelling with Jennie.

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