Kate Winslet and husband

The October 5, 1975, born Kate Winslet is an English actress known for productions like Period Drama.

Kate Winslet made her debut acting move in 1991 at 16 years when she appeared in the series Dark Season.

In 1997, Kate Winslet’s appearance in the hit movie Titanic shot her to fame in the international movie industry for playing the lead role in the movie.

For her great acting skills, Kate Winslet has won numerous awards including four times Best Actress in a Supporting Role and six times Best Actress in a Leading Role in the Academy Awards.

Kate Winslet is married to Edward Abel Smith. Edward Abel Smith is an American and nephew of American billionaire Richard Branson.

Nothing is known about Edward Abel Smith’s childhood aside from the fact that his parents separated when he was just a toddler.

The duo met when Kate Winslet and her ex-boyfriend, Louis Dowler went on a vacation to the Necker Island Mansion which belonged to the uncle of Edward Abel Smith.

A while after meeting at the vacation, Kate Winslet who saved Edward Abel Smith’s grandmother from a fire ended her relationship with Louis Dowler and started dating Edward Abel Smith.

The two got married in December 2012 in a private wedding held in New York and currently have an eighth years old son who they had in 2013.

Edward Abel Smith started his career at his billionaire marketing company, Virgin Galactic as a marketer.

Currently, he is the Head of Marketing Promotion and Astronaut Experience of the company.

Edward Abel Smith who is now 43 years gained popularity as the husband of actress Kate Winslet and is widely known as a celebrity spouse.

Edward Abel Smith is estimated to be worth $25 million solely as a businessman but the gentleman has refused to make his salary known to the public.

His wife, Kate Winslet has a net worth of $65 million as an actress.

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