Keion Henderson's first wife Felicia Henderson

Keion Henderson’s First wife, Felicia Henderson was born on April 18, 1961, and celebrates this date every year. Despite the years, she looks younger than she did when they got married.

Despite not having a husband since their divorce, she is very active in her children’s lives, often posting pictures of them on social media.

During the time of their separation, Felicia worked together with Keion at The Lighthouse Church in Atlanta.

While the two were not open about their split, they did work together.

In fact, Keion wrote a book about their split, entitled ‘Shift’. During their relationship, Keion proposed to Shaunie O’Neal with a custom 4.2-karat ring.

They even arranged a private fireworks display as a way to mark their marriage.

As for her net worth, it is unclear.

Felicia Henderson appears to be very wealthy, but the real net worth of the couple is unknown.

However, Keion Henderson is an entrepreneur, church president, and author, so his family must be living a very comfortable lifestyle.

Though Felicia Henderson has never declared her net worth publicly, her social media accounts indicate that she’s well-paid.

She has three daughters with Keion.

Felecia Henderson and Keion’s first wives are no longer together, but they are still connected in their lives.

Keion Henderson’s first wife Felecia Henderson is an active media personality and is a co-host of the online talk show Closet Chats.

In 2019, Felecia co-hosted an episode of Closet Chats about their relationship and shared personal stories.

However, Keion Henderson and Felecia Henderson are no longer working together.

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