Who is Kiki Vhyce? Everything you need to know about the Australian fitness model

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Kiki Vhyce is an Australian fitness model who has an impressive height of five feet ten inches (177 cm).

She is also 159 lbs or 72 kilograms, so her measurements are quite impressive!

Kiki Vhyce is an Australian fitness model

Kiki Vhyce has built a large following for herself as a fitness model and a bodybuilder, and her fitness training routine is no different from that of many others.

She focuses on resistance exercises to build size and strength, and has even worked out with Rehabgune, a company she co-founded on social media.

She is a bodybuilder

Kiki Vhyce is an Australian fitness model and professional bodybuilder. She gained fame through posting pictures of her workouts on Instagram and subsequently won bodybuilding competitions.

Kiki gained size and toned her slender frame, and achieved several records in the women’s category of several bodybuilding competitions. Kiki was born in Melbourne, Australia.

She has a Twitter account with the handle @kikivhyce.

She is a social media star

Kiki Vhyce is an Australian fitness model and Instagram star with a massive following. She is a sponsored athlete and bodybuilder who is currently earning a handsome sum through endorsements and advertisement.

Born on September 16, 1992, Kiki is known for her hot body and beautiful face. Known for her unique poses, Kiki’s sexy and flirty pictures have earned her nearly 7 million followers on Instagram.

She has no children

Although Kiki Vhyce has not had children naturally, she is still single. She gained her fame through Instagram and has been featured in various wellness magazines and missions.

Despite being single, she has managed to win the hearts of countless men. She has not been publicly linked with any man and is not in a relationship with anyone currently.

She has also been single for years. Therefore, she probably has no children.

She has never been in a relationship

If you’re wondering whether Kiki Vhyce has a boyfriend or not, you’ve come to the right place. The Australian bodybuilder has never been in a relationship, but this does not mean she’s not a romantic subject.

Her recent video sharing before-and-after photos of herself have amassed almost 800,000 views on her YouTube channel.

Despite her social media success, Kiki remains very private about her love life and has never discussed her previous relationships with men.

She hasn’t spoken publicly about her sexual orientation, either.