Who Is Lori Milliron? All you need to know about Lawrence Rudolph’s alleged girlfriend

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Lori Milliron’s lawyer says she did not commit the crime but was a victim of leading questions from government witnesses.

The shooting occurred in the cabin while she and her husband were having coffee with local guides.

At the time, the couple was preparing to travel back to the U.S.

Lori Milliron is the former office manager at Lawrence Rudolph’s dental practice.

She was arrested in February 2022 on charges of accessory after the fact, obstruction of a federal grand jury, and perjury related to testimony she gave in January.

Her arrest has brought her to national attention, but the public does not know her identity.

The FBI has not made public information about her, but the media has a right to know.

The police have named Lori as Lawrence’s alleged girlfriend.

She had worked for Lawrence’s dentist’s office in Pennsylvania.

She claimed to have known him for 15 to 20 years.

In February 2016, she reportedly had talks with one of Lawrence’s former co-workers.

According to Milliron, she had been dating Lawrence for around 20 years.

She allegedly gave Lawrence an ultimatum that he leave the clinics or risk losing Bianca.

After a long period of silence, Milliron’s legal defence attorneys argued that she and Rudolph were in a happy marriage in 2016.

Although she had known about Milliron’s relationship with Rudolph for a long time, she never asked her husband for permission to do so.

Dentist Lawrence Rudolph Is Accused For Killing His Wife, Bianca, On African Safari ( Source : Blacksportsonline )

Despite this, she lied to a grand jury and was an accessory after the fact.

When Larry Rudolph was arrested five years after his wife died, his attorney contacted former dental practice manager Lori Milliron.

The two had dated for about 15 years while he was married to Bianca.

The former employee alleges Milliron gave Rudolph an ultimatum that he must sell his dental office or he’ll divorce Bianca.

He remained silent for a week before telling his family.

According to the FBI, Mr Rudolph murdered his wife, Bianca, with a shotgun and then tried to make it look like an accident in order to collect her life insurance policy.

Afterwards, he turned to Ms Milliron, his life insurance investigator and local authorities declared the death an accident.

Neither the local police nor life insurance investigators ever named the woman as his girlfriend.

Despite the alleged romantic relationship between Rudolph and Milliron, she did not speak to the children when the two were together, which Rudolph’s wife thought strange.

She also denied having a meal with him in 2020, but that didn’t stop the investigation.

Lori Million, the mistress of Lawrence, is accused of the murder of his wife, Bianca Rudolph ( Source: cbsnews )

Now, the two are in the middle of a trial.

If convicted, both will spend life in prison, or even die in prison.

Prosecutors allege that the man spent $4.8 million from his insurance payout on two luxury cars.

The woman said she was not able to remember the reason for the difference and claimed she didn’t understand why she was paid less in 2017 and received more in 2016.

The prosecutor even asked Milliron if she had a credit card and she lied, resulting in the U.S.

Attorney’s office found that she had no financial motive to murder his wife.

Lori Milliron is the alleged girlfriend of a multi-millionaire dentist named Lawrence Rudolph.

He is accused of killing his wife, Bianca, in Zambia and obtaining nearly $5 million from the insurance payouts.

Lori Milliron was also accused of lying to the grand jury about the case.

She is being tried alongside Rudolph in the same trial.

Bianca Rudolph’s death was ruled accidental, but Lawrence told prosecutors that he found his wife lying on the floor of the cabin.

It was later found out that she was shot in the heart by a 12-gauge shotgun.

Lawrence was charged with lying to the grand jury and being an accessory after the fact.

Her lawyer, John Dill, claims that Bianca knew nothing of the alleged killing.