Nina Warhurst

Nina Warhurst is a British television presenter. She met Ted in Tisno, Croatia, in 2013, and the two subsequently decided to upgrade their relationship to husband and wife.

A photo that she shared on Instagram shows the two enjoying a romantic candle-lit dinner with their children. Nina Warhurst has not revealed the name of her third child.

Her husband, Ted, is a professional carter and shares his skills on social media.

Born in October 1980, Nina Warhurst is an actress, newsreader, and journalist. She works for BBC TV, where she is currently engaged as a business and shopper presenter.

The couple has two sons together. They have not disclosed their age or net worth. As of the time of writing, they do not appear to be married.

Nina Warhurst is a British citizen and has two children. She is currently living in London.

She has yet to disclose her body measurements or assets.

Nina Warhurst’s height and weight

As of mid-2021, we do not have information about Nina Warhurst’s height and weight. However, we have found tons of web pages featuring her.

We can assume that she is between thirty and forty years old. However, there are no details on her birth date and zodiac sign. She has married her husband, Ted, in 2014, but has not revealed this yet. In the following section, we will find out the height and weight of Nina Warhurst.

The English actress and journalist Nina Warhurst was born in Sale, Greater Manchester.

She has two sons with her husband, Ted, and lives in London, United Kingdom. Although her height, weight, and other body measurements are not publicly available, we can guess that she is at least five feet and fifteen inches tall.

Moreover, we know that she is British, so her height and weight should be in the normal range.

Her children’s names

Nina Warhurst is a British journalist, television presenter, and consumer correspondent for BBC Breakfast. In her early days, she was involved in various series.

In 2014, she married Ted Warhurst. The two share two children, Charlie and Ella. In 2017, they were awarded Best Regional Journalist at the Royal Television Society awards.

Currently, they are both working in television and radio. Nina Warhurst’s husband is a caterer and online brander.

Ted Warhurst is a professional carter from Manchester, England, and he promotes his services on social media. Nina Warhurst and Ted met in Croatia and got married a year later.

The couple shares two sons, Digby and Michael, who celebrate their birthdays on May 13th.

The couple often posts pictures of their children and their parents on social media, but they have not disclosed any details about their children’s names.

Nina Warhurst’s marriage to Ted Warhurst

After spending a year together in Croatia, Nina Warhurst married Ted Warhurst in 2014.

Their marriage was announced in a joint post on their social media accounts. They have two sons together, Michael and Digby.

In addition to the happy news about their marriage, Nina frequently shares pictures of their sons on social media.

She also reveals her intentions to kiss her husband in a selfie, which she posted alongside the caption: “Married someone who forces me to get out of a cab early so he can avoid the roadworks!”

Her parents were not revealed, but she holds British and Caucasian nationality. She grew up in Sale, Greater Manchester.

Her father was an accountant, and her mother was a homemaker. Her parents divorced in the 1970s. She and Ted Warhurst had two children, who were both born in the same city.

The Warhursts are now living in London, where Ted is currently a director.

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