Who is Peter Falk’s first wife, Shera Danese and what is she doing now?

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Shera Danese is an American actress and the widow of the late American actor Peter Falk. Shera Danese was born on October 9, 1949, in Hartsdale, New York, United States.

She was the winner of the Miss Pennsylvania World in 1970.                                    

Shera Danese started her acting career in 1975 when she played the role of Kitty in the TV series, Medical Doctor.

Shera Danese after her first appearance in TV production was featured in many other TV series like One Day At A Time, Kojack, Hart to Hart and the hit TV series, Charlie’s Angels.

Shera Danese and Peter Falk met on the set of the movie, Mickey and Nicky in early 1977 and the duo got married in the same year in a solemn ceremony on December 7, 1977.

Shera Danese during her married life with Peter Falk was described as the pillar on which her husband leaned especially when Shera Danese took some extreme decisions of cutting off visitations during Peter Falk’s sick days.

And single-handedly planned his funeral without consulting his family, claiming she did exactly what Peter Falk had instructed earlier on even before he was confined to his sickbed.

Peter Falk died, leaving his wife, Shera Danese at the age of 83 years in 2011.

Shera Danese has since then not remarried or been in a relationship with any other person.