Peter Wright's wife Joanne Wright

Peter Wright is a Scottish professional darts player who plays in tournaments of the Professional Darts Corporation. He is married to Joanne Wright.

Who is Joanne Wright?

Joanne Wright is a professional hairdresser and owns a salon called Medusa Hair in Lowes Toft, Scotland. She also manages her husband, Peter Wright.

Joanne Wright serves as her husband’s hairstylist. She typically spends up to two hours styling her hubby’s hairstyle before he takes to the stage.

She is the brain behind the colourful and awesome mohawk.

Joanne Wright and Peter Wright currently have three children: a son Tristan, and two daughters, Mimi and Jessie.

The hairdresser’s age is not public but our best guess is that she is within the age bracket of 40 and 50.

Peter Wright was born on October 2, 1956, and so is now 65-years-old. His wife Lin was reportedly 60 in April 2020 so it is believed she is now about 62-years-old.


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