Richard Leakey

Richard Erskine Frere  Leakey better known as Richard Leakey was a Kenyan paleoanthropologist, conservationist, and politician who lived Richard Leakey was born in December 1944 and he died on January 2, 2022, at age 77.

Richard Leakey was born in Nairobi to his parents, Louis Leakey, curator of the Coryndon Museum, and Mary Leakey, director of the Leakey excavations at Olduvai and his two brothers, Jonathan and Philip.

The discovery of ancient human skulls and skeletons by Richard Leakey helped establish Africa’s claim as the cradle of humanity.

Richard Leakey worked in Kenya for a number of years, particularly in archaeological and wildlife conservation institutes.

Richard Leakey was the Director of Kenya’s National Museum, the founder of the non-governmental organization WildlifeDirect, and the Chairman of the Kenya Wildlife Service.

Richard Leakey plane crash

In 1993, a small propeller-driven plane piloted by Richard Leakey crashed, crushing his lower legs, both of which were later amputated. Sabotage was suspected but never proven.

Richard Leakey

Richard Leakey Cause of Death

President Uhuru Kenyatta released a statement announcing Richard Leakey’s death. He did not, however, reveal the cause of Richard Leakey’s death. As a result, his cause of death is unknown.

Prof. Lawrence Martin, head of the Turkana Basin Institute at Stony Brook University on Long Island, said Mr Leakey died at his residence outside Nairobi.


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