Who Is Suzanne Stonebarger? The untold story of Golfer Ricky Barnes' wife

Suzanne Stonebarger, the wife of professional golfer Ricky Barnes, was born in California.

Suzanne is a graduate of the University of Nevada-Reno, where she played volleyball.

In 2009, she appeared n**e on a Playboy cover alongside her volleyball partner, Michelle More.

They became known as Team Gorgeous. Although Ricky Barnes only holds one professional victory, Suzanne Stonebarger has been a well-known celebrity in the sports world.

The untold story of Suzanne Stonebarger begins in college when she and Ricky Barnes met as students at Arizona State University.

At the time, Amy was a member of the Phoenix Suns NBA Cheerleaders.

The pair married four years later and had three children, Amanda (born the day after Phil finished second in the US Open), Sophia (born in 2001) and Evan, born in 2003.

They live in Arizona with their two children, Emily and Evan.

Who Is Suzanne Stonebarger? The untold story of Golfer Ricky Barnes’s wife is an inspiring story about finding love.

Who Is Suzanne Stonebarger The untold story of Golfer Ricky Barness wife
Golfer Ricky Barnes and Wife

The PGA star, Rory McIlroy, and his wife Erica Stoll are in the public eye and have been making headlines ever since.

Erica Stoll was once a PGA America employee who took time off from her job to pursue her husband’s dream. The couple’s marriage is the perfect example of how golf can change a person’s life.

Aside from being a golfer, Suzanne Stonebarger is also a golfer. Her marriage to Ricky Barnes was an unexpected milestone in their lives.

She became the fourth woman to break the ten-under-par mark at the U.S. Open.

In the 2003 U.S. Open, Barnes shot a six-over 76 and finished two strokes behind the winner Lucas Glover.

Ellie met Jason in 2005.

They were dating a few years later and married in 2009. Ellie and Jason have two children together, Dash, 4, and Lucy, nine months.

They travelled to the tournaments together in an RV. During the 2010 Masters, Ellie was a caddie for Day.

The couple has three children together.

Paulina Gretzky, who is married to Dustin Johnson, is another celebrity golfer. She has a gorgeous appearance and is a popular presence on the course.

She was even approached by a Playboy magazine but turned it down. Nevertheless, she has become one of the most famous golfers’ wives.

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