Who is Tammy Bradshaw? All you need to know about Terry Bradshaw’s wife

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Tammy Bradshaw is a famous American personality known for being the wife of former professional football player Terry Bradshaw.

Before Tammy Bradshaw became the wife of Terry Bradshaw, she was popular as a model and a social media personality.

Tammy Bradshaw was born on 5th October 1961 in the United States.

No information is available on Tammy Bradshaw’s education and early life before fame.

It is known that Tammy Bradshaw started her career as a model and signed a lot of ambassadorial deals with many brands.

Tammy Bradshaw is also known to have worked with a number of Non-Profit Organizations as she helped promote their services.

Through the career path Tammy Bradshaw chose, she also became a TV personality as she was occasionally featured in TV productions.

Tammy Bradshaw and Terry Bradshaw met at a time both of them were going through very nasty divorces from their ex-spouses.

Terry Bradshaw admits at the time he was getting closer to Tammy Bradshaw, he would suddenly vanish from the scenes for weeks and resurface to continue from where he left off.

In all these, Tammy Bradshaw never showed any sign of impatience and was always there to welcome him from his sudden disappearances.

Tammy Bradshaw and Terry Bradshaw lived together for 15 years before they finally tied the knot in a private ceremony in 2014 in Hawaii.

Tammy Bradshaw and her husband

The couple now lives in Texas with their children.

Tammy Bradshaw is a former model and TV personality is estimated to be worth $15 million whiles her NFL superstar husband, Terry Bradshaw is worth $20 million working over the years as a football player, TV personality and a philanthropist.