Taylor Jane Wilkey and Andy Carroll

Taylor Jane Wilkeye 27-year-old lives in Dubai, UAE, and works as associate chief for a company.

Taylor Jane Wilkey left England for the UAE earlier this summer. With only fourteen days before her wedding to Andy Carroll, Taylor has already faced scandal.

The pictures of the two in bed spread on the internet and were even posted on social media.

She has a very enviable job. Previously, she was the head of the communications regulator, Ofcom. In February 2020, she will take over the John Lewis Partnership.

Her duties will include overseeing the brand’s retail operations.

Her new job will include a focus on consumer protection and ensuring that its reputation doesn’t take a dive. But who is Taylor Jane Wilkey? And what is her background?

The model, who has a large following on Instagram, is an avid Instagram user. Her bio states that she is a mother of five children and a certified yoga instructor.

Her parents handle her social media accounts and have more than 211k followers on Instagram.

She also appears in some episodes of “One vs. 100” and “The Doctors,” as well as on a number of TV shows and movies.

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