Who is the character behind Martine Chalal in Silent Witness 2022 – Shireen Farkhoy’s role explained

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The character of Martine Chalal is played by Shireen Farkhoy, who is widely recognized for her performance in Silent Witness 2022.

Farkhoy portrayed Martine Chalal in the British crime drama series, Silent Witness.

The season premiered on May 23, 2022, and it has been credited with bringing back the role of Dr Sam Ryan.

However, she hasn’t revealed any personal information about her life.

Despite being smaller than the previous series, the BBC drama is still mighty.

The series will once again feature many familiar faces, including Amanda Burton, who is returning to her role as Sam Ryan.

Amanda Burton first appeared in the series in 1996 and left in 2004.

As the new series begins, Nikki is confused about Sam’s intentions and she has her doubts about him.

Nevertheless, she’s eager to help Sam and the team.

Hugh Quarshie

The sixth season of Silent Witness is based on the life of DS Martine Chalal, who is accused of murder in the first episode.

Shireen Farkhoy is the daughter of a criminal and is also an aspiring doctor.

The show also stars Hugh Quarshie as her husband, Jomo Mashaba. Silent Witness will air six hour-long episodes.

Actress Shireen Farkhoy has eight roles in her career. Her most notable role is in ITV’s The Ipcress File, although she has also appeared in Doctors, Absentia, and 2021’s Anne Boleyn series.

Actor Hugh Quarshie, who has appeared in many films and TV shows, will be playing Jomo.

He is also an actor in the films Highlander and In the Dark.

David Leon

‘Silent Witness 2022’ stars Shireen Farkhoy and David Leon as two detectives who are on the hunt for a serial killer.

Both actors have worked on various television series.

Shireen Farkhoy has starred in the TV movies The Accident and Carnival Row. David Leon has also starred in the TV series ‘The Knowledge’ and ‘The Widow’.

As part of the series, Shireen Farkhoy and David Leon have been cast as DS Joe Ashworth and Detective Superintendent Oscar Harris.

Both actors have previously appeared in ‘The Refugees’ and ‘In the Dark.’ Both actors have also appeared in movies including RocknRolla and Chop It Up.

Farkhoy, meanwhile, has made her debut on a BBC One medical drama series called ‘Orthodox’, which follows three Hasidic Jews trying to escape a community where they’re confined.

Meanwhile, David Leon will star as DS Joe Ashworth, a detective in Silent Witness 2022.

Simone Tyler

This year’s new series of Silent Witness promises to be a dark, gripping crime thriller.

The new series will feature a cast of talented actors, including Amanda Burton, who will reprise her role as Professor Sam Ryan.

Other notable cast members include David Caves, who played a character named “Jack” in Holby City, which ended after 22 years on the BBC.

The show also stars former Vera star David Leon, who played Neville Lawrence. In addition, the show’s other newcomers include the lovely Simone Tyler and the talented actor who plays her character, Shireen Farkhoy.

The series’ tenth season is a special six-parter. It will follow the same characters as the previous seasons, and it will feature new characters that fans can’t wait to meet.

The first episode of the new season will feature the return of Amanda Burton, who made her first appearance in the series in 1996 and starred in 54 episodes.

She subsequently left the show in 2004 and went on to become a mother and actress. During the series premiere, she revealed that she is contacting her ex-husband’s childhood friend, Nikki Alexander, who had also left the show.

She also teased the return of Sam Ryan’s character.