Toby Woolf

Many kids and adults alike wonder about this child actor’s real name and where he lives.

In this article, we will answer your questions about Toby, who plays Moses in Stephen Poliakoff’s Summer of Rockets and has been managed by United Agents.

Toby is very young and talented, but it’s easy to tell that he’s got a big future ahead of him!

Toby Woolf is a child actor

Toby Woolf is an English actor who made his debut in the BBC series The Last Post. He played the character George Markham in the series, which debuted late last year.

Although his biography is not yet on Wikipedia’s official site, his other credits include Summer of Rockets and Rare Beasts.

In addition to Pistol, Woolf has also appeared in the Sky One drama Curfew, which premiered on March 8 of this year.

He plays Moses in Stephen Poliakoff’s Summer of Rockets

Toby Woolf from Pistol stars in the critically acclaimed drama, Summer of Rockets, written by Stephen Poliakoff. The story centres on a Russian businessman named Samuel Patrukhin, who manufactures hearing aids.

Soon he becomes involved in a Secret Service mission, leaving his daughter and son to seek out their own identities.

He is single in 2022

Toby Woolf from Pistol has a social media account.

His bio on Instagram mentions the series title and his mother’s name, Marnie.

Although his parents are not well-known, he appears to have a close bond with his mother. He loves to play rugby and soccer and supports the Wolverhampton Wanderers.

While his father is not known, he is still considered a youngster by his peers.

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