Who is Treylon Burks’s girlfriend, Shelby Pearlman? Interesting facts you need to know about the wide receiver from Arkansas

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As you might already know, Treylon Burks is engaged to Shelby Perlman.

They recently confirmed their engagement date, 1 January 2022.

The two have been seen out together quite often, and they post pictures on Instagram.

Both of them do not hesitate to flaunt their love in front of the cameras.

Despite the fact that the couple is getting closer by the day, there are no rumours of separation in sight.

They are clearly enjoying each other’s company, and it looks like the pair is on the verge of getting married soon.

Shelby Pearlman

Despite her young age, Treylon Burks’s girlfriend Shelby Pearlman is definitely worth a look.

The twenty-two-year-old actress stands at the same height as her man and is a full-time student at the University of Arkansas.

Although she was born in Searcy, Arkansas, she has been calling Fayetteville, Arkansas, her current residence, since she was fifteen years old. The two have not disclosed their parents’ names yet.

The relationship between Treylon Burks and Shelby Pearlman was first rumoured in 2013 when the two met at a football game.

Burks’ grandmother was a huge influence in his life and encouraged him to achieve great things.

In fact, he was even given the nickname “Burks” by his grandmother, who believed that a football player should work hard to make it in life.

Shelby Pearlman’s TikTok account

The better half of Treylon Burks is the subject of one of the most popular TikTok accounts. She goes by the name of @shelbypearlmann on the video-sharing website.

Her account currently has more than 19,000 followers and over 283,000 likes. You can follow her videos by following her on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

According to her biography, she has more than five thousand followers on Instagram and TikTok. She also has more than 5000 followers on Instagram.

She posts pictures of her son Treylon playing football. Her TikTok account has a similar format. It’s worth noting that she is also a huge fan of travelling.

Her Instagram account is also named after her, and she uses the handle @shelbypearlmann on her account.

Shelby Pearlman’s net worth

If you’re wondering about Shelby Pearlman’s net worth, the answer isn’t very high. The Arkansas native is worth less than $100k, but her net worth may be considerably higher.

She has been in the spotlight lately, thanks to her role as a cheerleader. Pearlman is also an athlete, playing softball in high school but not pursuing it as a profession.

However, if you’re wondering how she got started in the game, keep reading.

Perlman’s early career in theatre started with a small part in a play called “Dracula Sabbat.”

Since then, she’s been in a number of plays and films, including the biopic “Love Child” based on the life of Terry Jean Moore.

Perlman then went on to appear in films like “Enid is Sleeping” and “Ted & Venus.”

In the 1990s, she had a significant role in the comedy “Class Act.” She also starred in the sitcom “Carpool,” alongside John Candy.

Shelby Pearlman’s age

If you’re interested in knowing about Treylon Burks girlfriend Shelby Pearlman, you’ve come to the right place! This young actress has been dating the actor since 2022.

Her Instagram account is full of cute pictures of the couple out on the town and sharing them with fans.

These pair aren’t shy about showing off their love on camera. While there are no details about the couple’s age, fans can expect to see her getting older.

The age of Treylon Burks’ girlfriend Shelby Pearlman is not yet public knowledge, but her siblings have been a constant source of speculation.

The couple is active on social media, with Shelby posting pictures of Treylon’s football games and other events. In fact, she has more than 5000 followers on Instagram.

She also loves travelling, which is no doubt a big plus for her.

Her TikTok handle is the same as her Instagram handle, which is @shelby_pearlman.