Who is Vladimir Gucci? Interesting facts about the Russian bodybuilder who has tattoos all over his body

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If you’re wondering who is Vladimir Gucci, you’re not alone.

Over 90% of his body is covered in tattoos, and he’s also been hailed as a hero for his heroic actions in Crimea.

Meanwhile, his Instagram page shows him soaking up luxury dinners and cocktails.

But what really sets him apart from the rest? We’ll take a look.

Aside from being a famous bodybuilder, Vladimir Gucci is also an author, a TV presenter, and a businessman.

Born in Moscow, Vladimir Gucci developed a love for sports from a very early age. At age 10, he won the silver medal in the Moscow Wrestling Championship and became a Master of Sports.

Currently, Vladimir Gucci is 35 years of age and has a height of 5’9″ to 5’11.

Later, he studied at the State Technical University of Civil Aviation in Moscow and later entered the State Institute of Physical Culture.

He then worked as a photographer and bodyguard for Russian film star Dima Malikov, and he translated articles from English to Russian.

He also played the semi-professional soccer league and was a bodyguard to Russian footballer Dima Karlovskiy.

A bodybuilder can have tattoos on their torsos, arms, and legs. Tattoos on the body are a popular form of body modification, and Vladimir Gucci is no exception.

Vladimir Gucci

His tattoos cover nearly ninety per cent of his body. Vladimir Gucci is a Russian bodybuilder who has tattoos all over his body.

As a bodybuilder, his massive tattoos have earned him worldwide fame.

Summary Profile of Vladimir Gucci

Real name: Vladimir Gucci Tatuador

Age: 35 years

Nationality: Russian

Place of Birth: Moscow

Occupation: Bodybuilder

Height: 5’9″ to 5’11

Competition Weight: 172 lbs – 78 kg

Diet: Casein Protein, 1 serving of BCAA’s & Glutamine

Known for: Bodily tattoos

Vladimir Gucci has over 90% of his body covered with tattoos

It is no longer news that the Russian bodybuilder Vladimir Gucci has more than 90% of his body covered in tattoos. The Russian bodybuilder’s photos have gone viral, but are these tattoos healthy?

Vladimir claims that tattoos enhance his physical appearance, but others argue that they are unhealthy. Vladimir Gucci has more tattoos than any other bodybuilder in Russia.

In addition, his tattoos have been a source of controversy for many people.

Tattoos cover his entire body, including his chest and back. A tattoo of two roses merges together on the upper part of his back and a picture of his daughter on the lower part is located on his back.

Watch the documentary below:

Vladimir Gucci is secretive about his tattoos, so many people are curious about them.

Despite the tattoos, however, the rapper is proud to show off his body.

Despite the many people who are shocked by his tattoos, many people still don’t realize that they are part of an artist’s body.

Vladimir Gucci has been hailed a hero over Crimea

While the recent Euromaidan protests in Crimea have an element of far-right nationalism, the current situation in Crimea reminds others of Nazi Germany’s policies before the Second World War.

In fact, Hillary Clinton compared Russia’s support of ethnic Russians abroad to that of Adolf Hitler, who advocated the unification of all Germans under an “all-German Reich.”

The German government even held a referendum on the annexation of Austria.