Why is Checo Perez Monaco Prix Party Video Trending on Twitter?

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The Checo Perez Monaco Formula One Party video shows the Red Bull driver enjoying himself on a boat in the Mediterranean Sea, accompanied by his family and friends.

It lasts for seven seconds and has already generated memes.

Although the video is short, the video has a lot of potentials to create controversy, as Twitter users have already accused Perez of being a celebrity by using sexy language.

However, the video is not a true reflection of Checo’s status, but his success and fame have brought him to the limelight.

If you are wondering why Checo Perez Monaco Formula One Party Video is trending on Twitter, the answer is simple. His performance has put him in a position to challenge for a Red Bull seat.

He is currently third in the drivers’ standings, six points behind his French teammate, Charles Leclerc. Perez has had a good year, and it’s clear he is in a contract year.

The Mexican driver has been performing well and won multiple races.

Sergio Perez won the Monaco Grand Prix, the most prestigious race of the season. His emotion was palpable at the post-race celebrations and the awards ceremony.

The video also showed him leaving the top of a yacht with three people, despite the obvious drunkenness.

This was shocking, especially for fans who have never seen him in this way. Although his reaction to the video was a slap in the face, Perez continued to celebrate his win.

In Monaco, Perez won the Monaco Grand Prix, bringing his second victory this season.

His victory came only two weeks after the Spanish Grand Prix.

Why is Checo Perez Monaco Prix Party Video trending on Twitter
Red Bull Honda

But after the controversial decision made by Red Bull, the Mexican driver continued to dominate the race, and he took home the first prize once again.

Why is Checo Perez Monaco Grand Prix Party Video trending on Twitter?

It’s the race! Sergio Perez won the Monaco Grand Prix in stunning fashion. He claimed his third career win despite being the only driver from Mexico to win the race.

But the race was delayed by over an hour due to rain. Despite the delay, Perez remained cool and calm and kept his cool, a win which he called his “dream” victory.

After the race, Perez’s father has criticised Red Bull for favouring his son over his own teammate.

After winning the Monaco Grand Prix, Perez leapfrogged the leading team in the Drivers’ Championship.

His teammate Max Verstappen finished third. Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz took second and Leclerc finished fourth.

The team’s strategy allowed Perez to extend his lead over Verstappen.