Wives must submit to their husbands; there is no equality in marriage – Rev Charlotte Oduro

Popular Ghanaian marriage counsellor, Rev Charlotte Oduro, has urged all married women to understand that there’s no equality when it comes to marriage.

According to her, in a report filed by 3News, it is a must for every married woman to submit to her husband, no matter what happens.

She claimed when it comes to two spouses who agreed to tie the knot, it was in the wisdom of God for one to submit that it’s the woman and for the man to love her and also perform the head duties of the family.

She further added that two equalized people cannot be married; one needs to submit to the other.

She said marriage is not about your degrees and PhD’s that can be weighed on a thermometer, but rather your humility.

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“Marriage is not about to have gone to school…most women need humility. And when you say it, then women say we are equal. No, there are no equal rights when it comes to marriage. The man is a man, and the woman is a woman. Let’s not fight over it. ” 

Speaking about some facts of marriage, she said if you are a man or woman and don’t understand the ways of God concerning marriage, you aren’t eligible to take that bold step in life.

She stressed her point that even though there are other factors to consider when it comes to every growing marriage full of bliss and peace, humility is very important and a backbone.

She also advised women to give their husbands peace at home no matter what they have done or even cheated.

Source: unitedshowbiz.com.gh