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Join our team of great writers to launch your career as a news writer, editor or blogger with attractive remunerations.


  • Entertainment
  • Lifestyle
  • Celebrity profiling
  • Music
  • Celebrity gossip
  • Human Interest
  • TV Shows
  • Movies

Your Duties

You will be required to research and gather information on current events to original write news stories for publication on our online news portals.

You perform your duties in line with our Editorial Policy and Standards.

Establishing Standards Of Quality Content

  • Content must be comprehensive
  • Content must have a targeted keyword.
  • Content must be niche-relevant. 
  • Content must be unique and free from plagiarism
  • Writers must cite their sources for any facts or statistics. 
  • Spelling and grammar must be impeccable. 

What do you need?

Applicant must be familiar with WordPress (Compulsory)

-Essay/Article Writing Skills.
-Tertiary Educational Qualification.
-Proficient in the English Language.
-Laptop with Internet Connection.
-Good Typing Skills
-Ability to meet deadlines and schedules.
-Ability to wow readers with rich, high-quality content.
– Active, serious and a hardworking
– Must be abreast with entertainment and viral trends


We pay our writers monthly.

Bonuses will be awarded to hardworking writers.

How many stories can I file a day?

All writers can choose the number of stories they can file a day.

Writers will choose from below

  • 10 unique news stories a day
  • 15 unique news stories a day
  • 20 unique news stories a day

Take Note

– We do not accept fake news stories.

Do not message us if you are not familiar with WordPress

– We do not accept beefy news stories.

– Lazy submissions will not be accepted.

– Your seriousness and activeness are what are important to us.

Work hard and earn more working with us (Bonuses will be awarded to hardworking writers)

– Do note that this offer is a ‘work from home’ offer.

How To Apply

Interested persons should send a message to our Editor via WhatsApp👇

Last updated: February 1, 2022 at 4:30 pm