Young Dolph

Known professionally as “Young Dolph,” is a multi-talented American rapper who has a net worth estimated at $3 million.

When he released his debut mixtape, “Paper Route Campaign,” in 2009, he shot to fame in the music industry.

When O.T. Genasis’ smash tune “Cut It” peaked at number 35 on the Billboard H*t 100 in 2015, Dolph became a household name.

A year after its release, Dolph’s first studio album, “King of Memphis,” debuted at number 49 on the Billboard 200 list.

Profile Summary of Young Dolph

Birth NameAdolph Robert Thornton Jr.
Professional NameYoung Dolph
Nick NameDolph Gabbana, Flippa, Paper Route Frank
Birth DateJuly 27, 1985
Age36 Years Old
DiedNovember 17, 2021
Birth PlaceChicago, Illinois, USA
Height6 feet 3 inches (1.91 m)
Weight78 kg (171.96 lbs)
Distinctive FeatureDark complexion, Tattoos
Eye ColorDark Brown
Hair ColorBlack
ProfessionRapper, Singer, Songwriter, Music Producer, Recording Artist
Father’s NameN/A
Mother’s NameN/A
GenresHip-hop, Gangsta Rap, Memphis Rap
High SchoolMagnolia Elementary School
Record LabelsPaper Route Empire, Empire
S****l OrientationStraight
Marital StatusUnmarried
GirlfriendMia Jaye
Children2 (Tre Tre Thornton, Aria Ella Thornton)
Active Since2006-2021
MerchHoodie, Poster
Social MediaFacebook, Twitter, Instagram
Last UpdateMarch 2022

Young’s seventh album, “Rich Slave,” was released in 2020 and debuted at number four on the Billboard 200, giving it his highest-charting album.

Dolph was tragically shot and died on November 17, 2021, in Memphis, Tennessee. He was only 36 years old at the time.

Millions of fans and well-wishers across the world grieved his demise. Even though he died, his influence on rap culture will go on forever.

Young Dolph Career

Even when he was a child, Young Dolph has had an interest in music. When his grandma died in 2008, he was deeply affected. To express his feelings and thoughts, he turned to music and began rapping.

Dolph released the album “Welcome 2 Dolph World” in 2010.

The mixtapes “High Class Street Music” and “High Class Street Music Episode 2” by Young Dolph were released in 2011.

Young’s approach has been described as boisterous, with a compelling delivery and a voice that is extremely deep.

His latest album, “Bulletproof,” was published in 2017 and debuted at number 36 on the Billboard 200.

The album’s hit hits include “100 Shots,” “But I’m Bulletproof,” and “I Pray for My Enemies.”

“Tracking Numbers” and “Thinking Out Loud” were Dolph’s other albums released that year. In the United States, the latter album was ranked 16th on the Billboard 200.

What is Young Dolph’s Net Worth and Income?

As a great rapper and music producer, Young Dolph has a net worth of $3 million.

He amassed his enormous fortune through a successful rap career. Dolph made his money through performing in front of sold-out crowds, selling albums, and making hip-hop music.

He made more than $1 million in royalties from his songs being performed at numerous events and concerts.

Young Dolph, however, appeared on several shows and was paid roughly $30,000 for each performance. For a private presentation, he charged between $75,000 and $150,000.

He reportedly made up to $100,000 per week performing at nightclubs, according to some accounts.

He rejected a $22 million record deal with a big label in 2018 in order to pursue his career on his own. It demonstrates his confidence in his capacity to generate more money as an independent artist in the long run.

This includes keeping 100 per cent of the earnings, owning masters rather than depending on a big label, and having more control over how their careers are managed and promoted.

He had a record label that signed a number of well-known performers. His fortune has grown thanks to the record label.

Dolph also had a clothing business that sold hoodies and t-shirts. He made more than $400,000 from the store in 2016.

Young Dolph has almost 2 million YouTube subscribers and makes a lot of money from the platform’s advertising income.

According to Social Blade, he earns between $15.5K and $247.9K per month and between $185.9K and $3M per year on the site.

Young Dolph also has a Spotify following of over 5.3 million monthly listeners. Dolph makes a substantial sum of money from millions of streams.

Cars owned by Young Dolph

Young Dolph, like other rappers, enjoyed splurging on high-end autos. He has a $3 million car collection.

Dolph was the proud owner of a fleet of disguised cars. He was driving a high-end G-Wagon, which cost him between $175,000 and $200,000 after a camouflage exterior wrap.

In 2019, while he was in a restaurant, criminals damaged glass on his Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon, stealing $230,000 worth of watches, diamonds, gadgets, and cash.

Young Dolph with his Car (Facebook)

In the same way, Dolph had a 2018 Demon SRT, which was his favourite car to drive. Up for sale: The SRT could be worth up to $100,000.

Besides that, he bought a $440,000 Rolls-Royce SUV, a $460,000 Lamborghini S Aventador, a $160,000 Mercedes-Benz Maybach, and an $87,650 Trackhawk.

It cost him $600,000 to buy a new Ferrari 488 and $500,000 to buy a new Rolls Royce Phantom EWB.

Young Dolph’s love for Jewellery

Young Dolph was a big fan of wearing chains, rings, watches, and earrings. He was thought to have a lot of jewelry, worth about $7 million.

He had a Sonic blue diamond chain that cost $2 million. His PRE chain and other diamond chains were worth at least $100,000.

Young Dolph

Young Dolph had a diamond ring worth $700,000. It was a 19-carat diamond. Many of his ears were also pierced with rings.

Young Dolph Movies

Young Dolph co-starred in the documentary “King” with fellow rapper Gucci Mane in 2017.

In the same year, he stated that he was working on many film projects. He was also writing and developing screenplays, which may be turned into a film in the near future.

Young Dolph’s songs have appeared in a number of films and television shows, including On My Block (2019), Step Sisters (2018), Keanu (2016), and Magic City (2015).

Young Dolph Endorsement

As a result of his several lucrative endorsement deals, Young Dolph had amassed a sizable fortune.

This is the cookie business that he recommends to everyone. On a regular basis, Dolph would post about the cookie shop on social media, enticing others to stop by.

Similarly, he was a big fan of Palmer Cocoa Butter and would frequently promote it to others.

Young Dolph Investments

At the time of his death, Young Dolph’s net worth was a whopping $3 million.

Young Dolph was a shrewd businessman as well as a rap artist. To boost his net worth, he had invested in a number of businesses and brands.

In 2010, he created the Paper Route Empire record label. The organization was a self-contained record label with no ties to a larger label.

He was a successful real estate investor, having over 100 properties under his belt. Similarly, in 2020, he spent $8 million in many enterprises in the hopes of making a profit in the future.

 Fat Toni and Young Dolph

Young Dolph also has an online apparel store, which continues to sell its products and accessories and generates a lot of revenue.

What was the source of Young Dolph’s rapping inspiration?

After a terrible vehicle accident in 2008, Young Dolph had a near-death experience. In the same year, his grandmother died.

Due to both of these occurrences, young Dolph was motivated to start rapping as a form of emotional release.

Why did Young Dolph turn down a record contract with Yo Gotti?

Young Dolph didn’t appreciate Yo Gotti’s treatment of his musicians, and he wasn’t willing to give up the $3 million he had invested in his own record label. As a result, he turned down the record contract.

What is Young Dolph’s most well-known song?

Most of his songs and albums charted, but his collaboration with G Herbo on “1 Scale” is the popular favourite.

How did Young Dolph die?

Young Dolph was nearly killed by a bullet in Charlotte, North Carolina in 2017. According to the authorities, some 100 rounds were fired, impacting cars and nearby houses.

He was unharmed, and his rival, rapper Yo Gotti, was suspected of involvement.

Dolph was able to escape because of his impregnable SUV, which he had spent almost $300,000 on. He also used the terrible occurrence to promote his studio album, Bulletproof.

On September 26, 2017, he has shot again in Los Angeles, California. Young Dolph was said to be in critical condition, but he survived.

On November 17, 2021, Young Dolph was tragically murdered while picking up cookies for his mother in Memphis. He was killed by two gunmen.


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